Childcare Facility  –  Set in the heart of the Parramatta CBD, this is a large technical refurbishment and a new extension of a church/community centre.  The project involves creating a seperate tenancy within the estate and the construction of a two-storey structure with provisions for future expansion of that tenancy. It has a mix of concrete structure as well as composite external cladding, concrete roofing and a high-quality childcare fit-out.

Size: 84 Place

Status: Completed 2019/2020

Duration: 6 Month Program

Contract: Construct Only

Value Range: $1.5 - $3.0 Million

Client: Private

Front Exterior Entrance
Parramatta - Commercial Kitchen
Parramatta - Interior
Parramatta - Bathroom
Parramatta - Kids Playground


Childcare Facility – two storey facility with passenger lift, 1,200m2 basement carpark, three separate large buildings which interconnected. High light windows and large external awning with one of the most elaborate and natural external play areas in the Sydney metro area.

Construction consisted of concrete shoring walls to the boundary, a suspended concrete slab, bespoke high-end structural steelwork with 4.5m-5.5m high ceilings, metal roof with seven different roof levels.

Size: 100 Place

Status: Completed 2018/2019

Duration: 12 Month Program

Contract: Design and Construct

Value Range: $2.5 to $3.5 Million

Client: Endeavour Early Education

Concord - Front Exterior
Concord - Front Exterior & Car Park
Concord - Exterior Playground 1
Concord - Bathroom
Concord - Internal
Concord - Exterior Playground 2


Childcare Facility  – This project is in a quiet part of Camden business district. An old medical centre has being converted as well as a new building which interconnects the two buildings. The main envelope of the existing heritage building is kept intact and an entire new build to the rear built from lightweight steel framing and composite cladding and a tiled pitched roof.

Size: 84 Place

Status: Completed 2020

Duration: 6 Month Program

Contract: Design and Construct

Value Range: $1.5 - $3.0 Million

Client: Private

Childcare Provider: Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

Camden - Front Exterior
Amenities - Camden Childcare Centre
CCS Camden 12
CCS Camden 16
CCS Camden 8
Kitchen - Camden Childcare Centre


Childcare Facility - Set within a commercial precinct in Sydney's north shore, this facility was a complete refurbishment and reconfiguration of a commercial unit into a childcare centre.

This included a full refurbishment of services, walls, flooring, joinery, wet areas, outdoor playspace, fencing and shade structures. This new centre is a The Hamptons style meets Country Chique, it features a large sun-filled outdoor playspace with ample shade coverage and flowing river creek views. 

Size: 100 Place

Status: Completed 2020

Duration: 4 Month Program

Contract: Refurbishment/Fitout

Value Range: $1 M - $1.5 M

Client: Bluebird Early Education

Roseville - Outdoor Playspace1
Roseville - Internal Playspace1
Roseville - Fencing
Roseville - Reception
Roseville - Commercial Kitchen
Roseville - Cot Room


Childcare Facility - Single level with two separate at grade external carparks, this facility boasts a high-end internal fit-out as well as a large commercial kitchen and coolroom. It was built using lightweight steel frame, metal roofing and a mix of Scyon cladding, face brick and rendered brickwork on a large concrete raft slab.  

Size: 88 Place

Status: Completed 2017

Duration: 7 Month Program

Contract: Construct Only

Value Range: $1.5 to $2.5 Million 

Client: Macarthur Kids

Narellan - Rear Elevation 1
Narellan - Play Room 1
Narellan - Rear Elevation 2
Narellan - Bathroom
Narellan - Play Room 2
Change Room 1


Childcare Facility  – Upgrade to existing services, interiors and outdoor area of the existing centre including a new outdoor covered area, landscaping, all internal linings as well as a commercial-grade kitchen, wet area upgrade, joinery and storage units.

Size: 109 Place

Status: Completed 2019

Duration: 12 Week Program

Contract: Construct Only


Childcare Facility  – Entire Refurbishment of the existing centre including all internal and external works as well as a commercial-grade kitchen, wet area upgrade, joinery and storage units.

Size: 70 Place

Status: Completed 2018

Duration: 12 Week Program

Contract: Design and Construct