Design & Construction

We specialise in the design and construction of your childcare centre. This allows us to control the project for the overall benefit of all stakeholders.  We provide you with the service from concept through to completion with a highly skilled and experienced design team.


The critical phase of a project is the - Concept/Feasibility phase. This is carried out by the same team and is always managed and reviewed by a qualified project manager from CCS.

By having that process occur from the initial phase of the project and providing early contractor involvement (ECI) it reduces the risk with the documentation and potential pitfalls further into the project.  This (ECI) provides an overall reduced risk to you as the client. We specialise in the design management process which sets us apart from a lot of contractors in this sector of work.



We are professional builders who can carry out childcare projects in several delivery methods. Whether it be construction management, lump sum, design and construct or cost-plus arrangements for educational - early learning spaces.

We have experienced and qualified site foreman, project managers, sub-contractors and suppliers who conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism and quality. We construct and manage the projects taking into account the required WHS regulations, site amenities, quality control and environmental guidelines to ensure compliance across all elements no matter how small or large the project is.


Project Management

We can plan, and project manage your childcare project from concept through to completion including design management, dealing with different authorities and government agencies, construction and completion including construction defects inspections and building inspection reports.




If you have a land site which you think can be developed into a childcare centre, please call us to discuss the options at hand.  We can assist you with carrying out a feasibility study as well as provide prompt planning advice.

We guarantee to return enquiry details with planning and design advice within a week from being sent survey plan.

We can provide a range of property development delivery options including direct purchase as well as having equity partners with landowners. We can also carry out the development on a joint venture basis with landowners, financiers and Childcare Construction Solutions (CCS) as the developer.


Smalls Works & Building Maintenance

Let your team focus on educating children whilst we focus on doing what we do best as childcare specialists. For a full list of services view here