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Make me over - think it's time for an upgrade

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Thinking about leveling up your centre and giving it a fresh make over?

Or maybe your wanting to revamp the space to increase the number of licensed child places?

There’s probably so many questions running through your head like:

· Does it need a simple touch of paint, new flooring or does it require more of a full refurbishment overhaul?

· How will the builder complete the works whilst keeping the centre operational?

· Will this impact on safety of the children at the centre?

At CCS we have experienced a variety of scenarios and we are able to complete works with minimal disruption and provide safety first. See below to see how we answer some of your frequent questions.

Keeping downtime to a minimum

We are experienced in managing refurbishments and fit-outs and have streamlined our process to ensure downtime is reduced. We work closely with the centre’s management to provide a strategy that provides a staged approach. We work to meet key milestones outlined in our program so we can manage the staging process along with the centres operations.

Safety first

CCS maintain a high level of cleanliness to ensure safety on our worksites. We maintain all areas and thoroughfares are safe and accessible. Materials and waste are continuing removed to ensure no pile up of additional rubbish is accumulated on site.

Timelines & site access

Our refurbishment program is the key to delivering a successful project. We work with our consultants and architects to ensure deadlines are met. We coordinate trades and work towards limiting numbers of trades on site at any one time.

Here are few areas that you could focus on upgrading:

  • Reception foyer – This is where first impressions are made, both for parents and children. It needs to feel warm, inviting and be functional for your operational staff.

  • Amenities and kitchen – Daily use of these areas means these areas usually require more up keep. They need to be kept at the highest of cleanliness and safety as they have a lot of moving parts tiles,sinks, cupboards, fixtures, lightening

  • Staffroom – Is this area looking tired? Maybe you could bring new colours into the area to lift your staffs moral and provide a respite area to deliver the best care for the children. You need to keep this area functional, organised and uplifting provide a good working environment for your staff.

  • Outside of the centre – façade, cladding or paint

  • Fixtures & fittings – Is the flooring outdated and or worn down, or does it need a fresh colour pallette, are they looking torn or frayed. Have you got enough shelving and storage areas to keep the area clean and less clustered? Are the edges safe for the children?

  • Floors, walls, Façade, fixtures


CCS recommends start writing a list of what you think needs upgrading. This will help you better communicate with your builder/architect and work out what works need upgrading.

View out latest refurbishment project for Bluebird Early Education Roseville.


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