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Get in Early - Gain Value

During the Sydney lockdown CCS have been engaged by a range of clients to carry out Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and Value Management. In the early phase of the Childcare Development process prior to the design phase being completed it's crucial to get the right construction advice and guidance which has been affective to keep our clients projects keep moving to achieve a successful delivery outcome.

What does (ECI) Early Contractor Involvement entail?

We collaborate with your design team to provide specialist childcare Design and construction advice to ensure it benefits the entire project. That’s how we add value to projects. We recommend engaging a reputable building contractor for ECI to make sure they provide your design team constructive feedback throughout the design development phase and not to it leave until it’s too late!

In the initial design phase of your project it’s critical that your project drawings and specifications go through the proper design coordination process.

CCS ensures that to maintain a high standard of design and documentation to ensure clarity of scope and a quality build process.

What does Value Management entail?

We carry out this process to define, maximise and achieve value for money for our clients projects. Value management focuses on the expected outcome of the project.

Throughout this process clients start to gain a better understanding of the project objectives. We provide alternative construction methodology and materials which will fit the clients brief but will deliver better value and improve buildability and reduce timeframes.


CCS recommends engaging a building contractor early in the development process prior to the design being completed for tender.


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